Spa vacuums and Spa pumps

Spa vacuums allow spa owners to uphold the clarity and cleanliness of their spas all year round. Spa water maintenance is a mandatory component of having a spa. While spa products such as chemical feeders and spa test strips can ensure that microscopic contaminants are not present in your water, spa vacuums can do the big job of removing visible debris and other pollutants that can compromise both the sanitation and aesthetic appeal of your spa. To make this task as quick and easy as possible, our offers customers several different models of vacuums that can accommodate both your spa cleaning needs and budget.


Debris can quickly build up in your spa. Just one morning thunderstorm or windy afternoon can usher in pounds of leaves, dirt, and other contaminants. To contend with these elements, you need a spa vacuum that’s capable of removing masses of debris with ease. That’s why stocks only vacuums that can effectively do the job that’s required of them. Moreover, our high spa product standards ensure that our vacuums can capably pick up all debris on the first try so that you don’t have to waste valuable minutes of your time trying to clean your spa instead of enjoying it.


Given their typically compact size, spas may provide little room for those who are trying to clean them. For this reason, our stocks vacuums that can maneuver in the tight spaces that many spas afford their owners. Therefore, cleaning your spa with a vacuum will never be more arduous than it has to be when you purchase one through.


Spa vacuums are subjected to considerable wear and tear. Their job to remove spa debris is no small undertaking, and some inferior models may break down before even one spa season is over. However, our ensures all of our customers that our vacuums uphold the highest quality standards and can withstand season after season of spa maintenance care. As a result, spa owners get exactly what they paid for: a durable and effective spa vacuum.

Spa Pumps

A spa pump is basically the heart of your spa, circulating the water so that it can move through the filters and jets. Spa pumps contain two main parts: a wet end and a dry end. In the wet is an impeller and a motor to turn the impeller. The function of the spa pump is to draw water in via suction and then return the water through the jets. Spa pumps are available in different speeds and capacities and for both indoor and outdoor spas.

When choosing a pump, you will usually want to choose one with the same horsepower as your current pump.

Spa Cleaners

There is a variety of spa cleaners to ensure that your spa always looks its best. Pad cleaners, absorbers, scum removers, wands, brooms and other devices are all extremely useful. Using the right supplies for spa cleaning can extend the life of your spa by many years, and prevent you from requiring any serious maintenance issues.

Different products should be used for different tasks. Be sure that you use the correct supplies whether you are performing a weekly, monthly or quarterly cleaning.

Keeping your spa clean doesn't require a lot of your time, but it does require you to use the right products. Spa cleaners range from oil absorbers to suction devices and are all necessary to ensure a clean spa. By using the right products, you will be rewarded with a spa that you can use whenever the weather permits.

The WaterTech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom can be used in both pools and spas and spot cleans dirt, debris, sand and algae with a powerful suction device. A power pad such as the GLB X-34 Power Pad Cleaner won't scratch delicate surfaces but can clean without affecting the chemistry of your spa. And because it can be hard to prevent spa users from using the spa before rinsing off detergents and lotions, there are various products available to keep the agents from clogging the filter.